The owners, managers and employees of Savanya Vízgépészeti Kft. have introduced and implemented the quality management and environmental management system - in accordance with the international standards MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015 and MSZ EN ISO 14001: 2015 - in order to maintain and strengthen its position in the market of

Construction of water facilities, water engineering and locksmith works.

That is why we strive after:

  • • keeping all our significant, already existing customers, earning additional orders, and the expansion of our customers in accordance with our production capacity,
  • • maintaining the quality of our products and services at the level expected by our partners, following new technologies related to the development of our field according to our financial means.

We believe that future generations, the preservation of living conditions of humanity and the survival of the natural environment are fundamentally dependent on the protection and improvement of our environment. In addition to the quality of our work, the preservation of occupational health and the prevention of accidents, we consider it a matter of strategic importance to

protect and improve our environment.

Therefore, by increasing the environmental protection of our services, we intend to contribute to ensuring sustainable development, improving the quality of life, preserving the state of the environment, and meeting the requirements of global and local environmental requirements.

In order to achieve our goals above more completely, we define the followings:

  • • We schedule our constructions with the accurate knowledge of all the requirements of our customers towards our services, thus ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.
  • • In order to increase our environmental protection performance and to ensure the control of our processes affecting the environment, we manage our activities in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard.
  • • By holding regular trainings, we ensure that our employees are aware of the role and importance of their activities and they are committed to environmental protection. We ensure that they get to know the expectations of the customers and the requirements prescribed by standard and laws.
  • • In the course of our work, we take into account and incorporate into our system the relevant domestic laws, regulations and industry characteristics. We constantly monitor the requirements and changes of other obligations shouldered by our company.
  • • We apply communication with internal and external interested parties in order to achieve efficient operation. By improving our internal information system, we strive after being able to respond more and more quickly and efficiently to the signals of our partners, thus increasing the level of their satisfaction.
  • • We carry out our quality- and environmental management system and activities within a regulated framework, and we constantly monitor, measure and develop the compliance of our services.
  • • We continuously improve our environmental management system with the help of environmental programs based on the assessment of environmental factors. Instead of the disposal of unused materials, we undertake to re-use them, instead of re-using them, to recycle them and instead of recycling them, we are committed to preventing emissions.
  • • We systematically select suppliers of materials and services required for our activities and regularly evaluate their work. We prefer subcontractors who also consciously operate with a quality- and customer-centric approach.

In order to achieve quality and environmental compliance, we consider it our task to solve the problems affecting quality and environment. That is why we openly explore the quality and thus the factors that spoil the environment, to continuously improve and improve the quality and environmental conditions.

We regularly review the existence of the necessary conditions for the operation of our management system and, after evaluating the results of the review, we take all necessary steps for continuous improvement.

We consider the documented, integrated management system developed and operated in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and its continuous development to be an important tool for achieving our goals.

We make our employees and partners conscious of our quality- and environmental policies and make our policies available to the public. Supporting and enforcing the guidelines of our quality- and environmental policy is a fundamental obligation for all employees of our company.

The management stands for quality and environmentally conscious work with commitment, personal example and the provision of the necessary resources.