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GINOP-4.1.4-19-2020-01582 jelű pályázat

  • Installation of a solar system at Savanya Vízgépészeti Kft.
  • Project ID number: GINOP-4.1.4-19-2020-01582
  • Name of beneficiary: Savanya Vízgépészeti Kft.
  • Amount of subsidy: 7 535 000 Ft
  • Degree of subsidy: 55 %
  • Physical completion date of project: 2020. 12. 31.

With this development, our business can achieve better results due to declining costs, as our electricity bills have been significantly reduced, so we can spend the remaining amount on further improvements and other payments, becoming more competitive in the face of strained market conditions.

The purchased solar system replaces the primary electricity used by the site with renewable energy, thus reducing emissions. Their parameters are:

  • Qcells 320w mono solar module - 128 pcs
  • Fronius Symo 20.0.3m inverter - 2 pcs

GOP-2011-2-2-1-11-2013-0406 ref. number project

  • Name of project: „Enterprise Project Management and E-Commerce Support”
  • Total value of tender: 13.295.000,-
  • 50% support awarded: 6.647.500,-
  • Project start: 2013.04.01.
  • Project closure: 2014.09.30.

GINOP-2.1.8-17-2018-02268 ref. number project

  • Name of beneficiary: Savanya vízgépészeti Kft.
  • Name of the project: Increasing the competitiveness of Savanya Vízgépészeti Ltd. through adaptive technological innovation.
  • Project ID number: GINOP-2.1.8-17-2018-02268
  • The amount of contracted subsidy: 28 557 500 Ft
  • Rate of support: 50%
  • Project completion date: 2019.06.03.
  • Presentation of the project content: The project included the purchase of one Boschert Gizelis G-BEND plus 3210 cnc bending machine and one Boscher Gizelis G-Cut 3006 cutting machine. The investment will improve the technological capability, competitiveness and resource efficiency of the enterprise. Workplace safety is increasing.
  • Support fund: ERFA

GOP-2.1.1-09/A/2-2009-0276 ref. number project

  • Purchase of machinery: 1 ea NISSAN Dx30 ECO-X LPG forklift truck
  • 1 ea protective gas welding machine
  • 1 ea plate bending machine
    1 ea Smoke and dust extraction equipment
  • Total value of machines: 14.455.320,-
  • 40% support awarded: 5.877.288,-
  • Project start: 2009.12.15.
  • Project closure: 2010.12.20.

DAOP-1.1.1/E-12-2013-0091 ref. number project

  • Site development: Construction of a new office and social premises
  • Total cost of investment: 64.825.185,-
  • 60% support awarded: 38.895.111,-
  • Project start: 2014.03.20.
  • Project closure: 2014.10.10.